Microfiber Car drying Cloth

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Microfiber Car drying Cloth

Material : Microfiber(80%Polyester+20%Nylon)

Size : 34x68cm

Color : Blue+Gray


Made in Taiwan, quality guarantee!

Made with Microfiber. With 5 times High absorption & Dries quickly then original towel. Strong Anti-mildew protection. Proved by Japan Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd, JIS & SGS Guarantee.

Best solution for the problem of traditional mop

New concept for life to save money, time and protect our environment

●Remove oil, water drop, dust and finger print easily by filament.
●Super low furring, and super absorption without water mark.
●No scratch on object surface.
●Durable material for repeated use.

◎Product purpose
●Family clean
All appliances at home, such as furniture, window, TV, lanp

●Vehicleycle, bicycle, beauty
No chemical agent is required to avoid the scratch on car painting. Effective clean for windscreen, seat and dashboard.
●Clean for PC, electronic produsts
Eliminate micro particle on surface, no scratch and no detergent is required.
●Best application used for camera, V8, electronic instrument, mobile phone
Mirror object, no detergent is required. Remove finger print and contamination effectively.
●CD, photo, antiques, jade and ornaments
Fold the edge of cloth inward before wipe, to keep your product shine and new.

●Washable by washing machine, do not have the temperature over 40℃
●Pay special attention when softener, fluorescent and bleaching pplied, possible influence may occure for water absorption effect.
●To assure best efficiency, please apply for specific purpose, wet or dry wipe.
●Twist to drop the water first before wipe in order to obtain the best performance.
●Do not close to surrounding of flame.

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