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Microfiber Car drying Cloth
Top-notch microfiber leaning cloth manufacturers in Taiwan. Microfiber Car drying Cloth Material : Microfiber(80%Polyester+20%Nylon) Size : 34x68cm (Customized sizes are welcome) Color : Blue+Gray ------------------------------------------------------------------ Made in Taiwan, qualit
Microfiber Hand Towel
Superior Soft Microfiber Hand Towel DAIWA antimicrobial finish                                       3M
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About Us

Minng-World takes pride in its high-end and design-led towels by paying constant attention to details, both level of quality and level of creativity.

To keep its status among the world elite towel manufacturers, Minng-World has been applying cutting-edge technology to its products, i.e., Taiwan double-sided knitted long velour texture, 3M Scotchgard and Japan DAIWA and etc. for years. Unique Taiwan texture know-hows replace traditional brush machinery and industrial chemical adhesive; 3M Scotchgard advances towels moisture management while DAIWA serves its satisfactory antibacterial and mildew/order free functions. Minng-World so assures all its towel products are with outstanding durability, luxurious looking, easy-to-care and desirable stretch, flexibility and absorbency.

Minng-World, an ISO 9001:2015 company, is a manufacturer and wholesaler. It encompasses three major product lines: body, household and industry.

Minng-World body towels vary in an array for baths, face, skin, hair, pools, beach, sports, spas, hotels, salons, baby and pets cares.

For household towels, Minng-World adjusts textures to adapt to different purposes; water absorbency and dust removal are two major contrast factors being brought into consideration. Minng-World towels enable users to enjoy their cleansing works ranging from bulky furniture, greasy kitchens, and delicate computers/electronics to priceless jewelry.

Minng-World industrial towels, such as those for use in automotive beauty industry, are designed for scratch-free and water drop removal.

After your knowing Minng-World’s trendy towels as aforesaid, please contact Minng-World with no hesitancy. It comes the time for you to experience Minng-World’s services NOW.


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